Moss’s EXHIBITOR LIVE 2016 conceptual experience hinged on two ideas. One, that we desired the booth to creatively speak to the global capabilities of Moss (now more intercontinental with the headquarters of Moss Europe in Germany); and two, that our customers’ volume of interest in meetings from the previous year called us to bring back private conferencing – in this case increasing the availability to two conference rooms, which looked like intermodal shipping containers.

As we’ve done for the past several Moss exhibit experiences, we turned to the Construct 120® system to create a cleanly sophisticated, yet bold superstructure. The EZ Wall™ modular system proved to be another workhorse with its various wall sizes and doors as the crux of the conference rooms. Lastly, our design needed to cohesively showcase several new products.

Our dynamic new “spot motion” lightbox was positioned at the front of the booth with a graphical animation of what looks like someone cutting through the metal of the shipping container from inside. The animation progresses to show flames of ingenuity, literally dancing within the graphic and interacting with copy that reads “bright ideas inside.” This proprietary new design solution, sized here to the wall of our conference room, can be scaled to grand size to showcase powerful brand messaging that plays off the combination of a custom printed fabric graphic and a custom animated lighting program. Tens of thousands of LEDs precisely illuminate brand messaging in an engaging sensory experience.

Elsewhere on the front edge of the booth, the new Light Saver lightbox showcased graphics that referenced the shipping theme and delivered that message with the copy “growing global.” As Moss’s most value-conscious lightbox product, Light Saver features a custom frame extrusion with perimeter LED modules on two sides, up to a maximum lightbox size of 8.5’ x 8.5’. Frame connections are made using just two fasteners per corner and beefy corner L-brackets.

For this exhibit we also took the opportunity to display more creative design sensibilities afforded by our products. We turned the Curved Illuminedge™ 100mm Lightbox around to instead face the curved Moss Groove® wall it was mounted on. The light bouncing off the wall created a stimulating glow that further highlighted the detail in our fabric graphics featuring bold paint and graffiti texturing. With the bounced light, the blue hue became quite electric as a result, drawing attention to the booth and the particular section.

Compared to 2015, we showed the Curv-Edge™ product here in a another way by combining curved elements flowing directly into a linear fabric surface. Our beta Curv-Edge solution was shown last year in a large-scale flowing ribbon that reached up to the permissible height. In our use this year, designers see the ability to use the solution in a smaller scale application that still provides outsized visual impact and marries directly with other Moss systems. The result was a stimulating rear exterior wall that garnered attention via the high-volume arterial traffic and the monumental headline “Powerful Branded Experiences.” These structural elements featured the photo-realistic look of concrete walls.

A montage of our 3 frames that make up the new Moss Essentials line was featured on the front edge of the booth. Each Essentials frame style creates a different aesthetic effect: Adaptaframe lets you front mount the graphic, or wrap a graphic around the frame and into a groove adjacent to the wall surface; Picture Frame comes with a classic border perimeter around the graphic; Slim Frame presents minimal visual impact of the frame itself so the focus is fully on the graphic. Each frame style is available in dark bronze or anodized silver.




Are you interested in learning more? We are happy to discuss any of the products used in this project or our complete range of fabrication capabilities.