Curv-Edge™ is a proprietary capability that allows Moss Groove™ SEG tension fabric to be used with Moss Classic™ Round Tube construction – the result is the industry’s first large custom 3D shapes to have crisp squared edges along with curves and twists. No other system does more to bring the designer’s sophisticated vision to life and turn complex challenges into innovative realities.

Unprecedented 3D Structure Fabrication

Craft complex shapes with crisply-defined edges, producing unique structures with 4 or more sides. You can create pentagonal, hexagonal and other dramatic shapes that feature flowing organic lines combined with precise hard edges.

Advanced Engineering

This Moss-engineered innovation is the ideal for flexibility, strength and durability, pairing our new proprietary PVC Groove extrusion with industry standard Moss Classic 2″ aluminum tube framing. It allows for dynamic twisting of curved structures, whether compact or massively large in size.

Installation Speed & Efficiency

The Curv-Edge system features Individually replaceable SEG fabric graphic panels which mount and change-out quickly. For structures being used multiple times, you can switch out some or all of your fabric graphic panels easily and cost-effectively, compared to having to re-fabricate a full pillowcase cover in the case of pure round-tube structures. Moreover, the individual panels are faster to mount than a pillowcase cover for large or complex shaped structures.

Purchase Type:
Product Details:

Minimum bend radius: 24”

Minimum fabric angle: 67 degrees

Maximum fabric angle: 270 degrees

Fabric options:

Custom-printed Performance Stretch fabric graphics

Unprinted Freeform fabric panels

Liners are optional, velcro-attach

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