CASE STUDY: Major League Baseball

Experiential Activation


Produce an Iconic Reusable Structure for Major League Baseball


Major League Baseball

Seattle, WA

Products & Services Used:

Classic Round Tube
LED Lighting
Specialty Signage Solutions

For the MLB All-Star Week, Major League Baseball commissioned our experts to create an MLB logo structure that was used to greet fans at the entrance of the Capital One PLAY BALL PARK. Fabricated with our Moss Classic™ round tube system, this striking structure was a gathering hub for attendees and served as an interactive centerpiece paying homage to the history of baseball.
The distinctive MLB logo shape and the integration of LED lighting technology presented our team with a remarkable opportunity to infuse innovation into the creation of this structure. Our Moss Classic™ system served as the foundation for this project, rooted in the pioneering work of our founder, Bill Moss, who invented the first ‘pop-up’ tent in 1955.

The custom structure measured 309 in. wide by 158 in. tall by 20 in. deep and was fully enclosed by a dye-sub printed cover made from opaque and backlit fabrics. LED lighting illuminated the inside white edge of the MLB logo player cut-out only, captivating guests’ attention as they walked through the structure to enter the PLAY BALL PARK.

In search of a more reusable and compact solution, this design was meant to replicate a rigid substrate version utilized in years past. The original black fabric, initially used when the structure was first built for the 2022 MLB All-Star Week, was replaced this year with bright blue and green fabric. This reskin gave the structure new life and showcased the versatility of the product, illustrating the way it can be repurposed for years to come.

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