experiential activation

ProducTionGlue experiential activation

We were hired by productionglue on behalf of client Hovercraft to produce a stellar experiential activation for Yahoo Sports at NBA All-Star Weekend and had a blast building and supporting the installation of this structural canvas.  The temporary structure was wrapped in a playful pattern of purples with sliding barn doors and a seamless interior for precise projection.  Our Construct system created the frames for these large-scale seamless graphics. Designed to span up to 30’ unsupported, this system is ideal for a fast set up to allow plenty of time to dial in the projection mapping.  Additional light control was achieved through a draped melt away ceiling and the experience was grounded by contour cut floor graphics. The result was a slam dunk.

Are you interested in learning more? We are happy to discuss any of the products used in this EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVATION or our complete range of fabrication capabilities.