CASE STUDY: productionglue



Elevating NBA’s Exhibit Design with ProductionGlue

Corporation: Hovercraft

Salt Lake City, Utah

Project Designer:

We were commissioned by productionglue on behalf of Hovercraft to produce an experiential activation for Yahoo Sports during the NBA All-Star Weekend where we assisted in building and installing various bold brand signage, event graphics, and structures for this special pop-up exhibit.

A temporary structure wrapped in a fun purple pattern, combined with sliding doors and a seamless interior, was created to showcase the elements that shaped basketball over time. The frames of these large event graphics were created with our Construct Temporary Structure System – which is quick to set up and extends unsupported up to 30 feet, giving enough space to run projection mapping. With additional light control achieved through a draped melt-away ceiling and enhanced with cut-out floor graphics, the event helped in creating an immersive experience that instantly connected with the fans of the game. The result was a roaring success and a slam dunk!
Moss’s branded office graphics and custom fabrication brought Gensler’s design to life, creating an engaging and synergistic workspace for Wondrium. By partnering with Gensler during the concept phase and utilizing its value engineering and proprietary production processes, Moss created visually appealing branded fabrications that stayed within budget constraints. The custom-fabricated corporate art solutions seamlessly extend Wondrium’s brand throughout the workplace and contribute to a memorable experience for all who enter.

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