CASE STUDY: Baker McKenzie



Unveiling Elegance: Crafting Exquisite Interiors with Meticulous Detail to Embody Gensler's Vision


Baker McKenzie 

Washington, D.C.

Project Designer:

As we crafted the new Washington D.C. office for the global law firm Baker McKenzie, Gensler placed their trust in Moss, relying on our expertise in materiality and constructability to ensure the delivery of the anticipated high-end environmental branding solutions. Equipped to offer sophisticated and innovative solutions, we at Moss, assumed the roles of project manager and fabricator, breathing life into impactful brand features throughout the new space. Our dedication to collaborative efforts and extensive knowledge of diverse materials positions us to deliver an elevated branded experience.

The Baker McKenzie logo, with dimensional letters crafted from acrylic and painted white for visibility against the natural wooden desk, greets visitors upon exiting the elevator. Additionally, we printed and installed wallcoverings in five rooms, portraying pivotal moments in law and D.C.’s history, honoring the firm’s legacy, and offering daily inspiration.

To achieve the optimal look and finish for the wallcoverings, we conducted material tests before selecting and ordering the custom Dreamscape Taralon. Printing and cutting the Dreamscape Taralon graphics in-house, our team applied a special coating five days post-installation, ensuring long-term protection.

Crafted from custom solid wood, the inspirational statement honoring former President Barack Obama, near the coffee bar, featured dimensional letters. Our team creatively addressed the challenge of matching the wall veneer without access by devising paint color and technique combinations to preserve the wood grain’s visibility. Supplying Gensler with paint prototypes enabled them to choose the optimal solution, resulting in a beautiful installation of the final product.

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