Rental Creation Kit™

From a single hanging sign to impressive island booths, the enhanced Moss Rents program now delivers maximum creative ability, value and efficiency with unrivaled innovation and scalability.

Welcome to a new era of design freedom and choice in rental solutions

The exclusive Rental Creation Kit™, gives designers the freedom to fuse components of every single Moss Exhibits system into flexible rental solutions. This design power and flexibility enables the creation of clean, long unsupported horizontal spans, eye-catching staggered-height walls, impressive towers, conference rooms and more, whether your ideal rental solution is 20×20, 30×40, or much larger. You can view the entire Moss Rents catalog here.

All Systems Go

The Rental Creation Kit’s unique system approach includes scores of available CAD blocks, including assemblies and parts options for the market’s premier building component: sleek-surface Construct™ 120 and 80 extrusions with no “system groove” lines. From Construct assemblies to Moss Classic™ Shapes, the Rental Creation Kit allows a seamless combination of value and versatility with your inspired design. Search rentable EZ Wall modular building products, scores of Rental Shapes & Signs including Arches, Hanging Signs, and Standing Forms, and include items like brilliant Double- or Single-sided Illuminedge Lightboxes.

Affordability – Never So Creative

By putting power in the palm of the designer’s hands, Moss Rents makes creating purpose-built rental solutions both fast easy. The Rental Creation Kit is the only tool allowing such exclusive utility in meeting client budget needs, delivering effective face-to-face marketing, enabling comprehensive design support and executing the perfectly-designed affordable rental.

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Purchase, Rental
Product Details:

Rental Construct 80mm and 120mm posts & beams are available at any length, with locks available for placement on 1 to 4 sides for desired connections. Note, Rental Construct cannot be powdercoated.

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