EZ Fabric Wall® - Multi-Wall Cover

The EZ Fabric Wall patented Multi-Wall Cover is a graphic option that allows you to span any configuration of multiple wall frames with one gasketed edge fabric panel. This product option is perfect for graphics that span across panels. With the Multi-Wall Graphic Panel, there is no worry about the graphic image lining up across the frame breaks, as it is printed as a continuous image.

Fabric Options

Enhance your design with the highest quality printed fabric graphics in the industry. Graphics are produced on a wrinkle resistant, flame retardant Engineered Fabric via our exclusive Photo Fabric® dye sublimation process. Graphics feature a unique Tension Strip sewn directly into the fabric that simply slides into the extrusion channel with little effort, allowing displays to piece together quickly and easily. Graphics can be printed on either opaque, mesh or sheer fabric. Or choose from one of our hundreds on non-printed fabrics for a solid color or textured look.

Opacity and Sound Block

Block both light and sound with our Sound and Light block liners. Or if you only need to block light add an Opacity Liner to your Multi-Wall.

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Item # EZMW
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The EZ Fabric Wall System® is designed for use with Moss Photo Fabric® graphics - the highest quality printed graphics on fabric in the industry. Graphics attach to the EZ Fabric extrusion using the simple Moss Groove gasket attachment.


  • EZ Wall- Printed BaseTex
  • EZ Wall- White BaseTex
  • EZ Wall- Printed BarrierTex
  • EZ Wall- White BarrierTex

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