EZ Wall Curved Panel

The EZ Fabric Wall System® combines the versatility of modular walls with the benefits of lightweight fabric structures. With a variety of widths and heights, the walls can be configured to make the most of any display space.

Fabric & Graphic Options

The EZ Fabric Wall System® is designed for use with Moss Photo Fabric® graphics – the highest quality printed graphics on fabric in the industry. Graphics attach to the EZ Fabric extrusion using the simple Moss Groove gasket attachment.


Many accessories are available including internal lighting, monitor options, a sound and light blocking layer, shelves, and more. EZ Fabric Walls are versatile and can be easily used with existing systems.

Product Code:
Item # EZC
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Product Details:


Welded Frame
Two locks & housings on each side of the wall for connecting walls
Two Glide Bumper Feet (not included on 14 in. high header panels)
Dual base plate holes, top (for stacking walls) & bottom*
Dual wire management holes, top and bottom*
Wire Management Channels Wall Stacking Connectors, and Base Plates sold separately.

This product is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Number(s): 8,015,736; 8,196,326; as well as additional pending U.S. Patent(s) owned by Moss Holding Company.


  • EZ Wall- Printed BaseTex
  • EZ Wall- White BaseTex
  • EZ Wall- Printed BarrierTex
  • EZ Wall- White BarrierTex

Product Sizes:

Purchase Only Sizes:

Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension
31 in. wide (2 ft. 7 in.) 14 in. high (1 ft. 2 in.)
31 in. wide (2 ft. 7 in.) 93 in. high (7 ft. 9 in.)

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