Environmental Branding for Wondrium

Wondrium Environmental BRANDING

Seeking to elevate and activate Wondrium’s corporate environmental design at its Chantilly, Virginia headquarters, Gensler, the project’s designer, sought the fabrication expertise of Moss to project manage, specialty source, manufacture and install unique and visually appealing environmental branding.

Moss installed high-quality custom graphic elements and signage, including glass and wallcovering graphics that provide privacy and visual interest, elevator lobby graphics that boost the company’s brand character, and a reception wall logo that announces and amplifies Wondrium’s branding. Moss also fabricated an interactive exhibit wall within the workspace that features interactive tiles to showcase a portfolio of Wondrium’s learning products. These corporate branding solutions complement the existing design and add a personalized touch to the space, making it stand out and creating a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.


During the project’s concept phase, Moss collaborated closely with Gensler to meet the proper timeline, budget, and fabrication requirements. Moss’s in-house Project Management, Technical Design, and Fabrication teams were essential in assuring Gensler’s design aligned seamlessly with the space, resulting in an engaging occupant experience. Thanks to the team’s value engineering and proprietary production and manufacturing process, Moss was able to keep in line with Gensler’s budgetary objectives and maintained the authenticity of the original design.

Moss’s branded office graphics and custom fabrication brought Gensler’s design to life, creating an engaging and synergistic workspace for Wondrium. By partnering with Gensler during the concept phase and utilizing its value engineering and proprietary production processes, Moss created visually appealing branded fabrications that stayed within budget constraints. The custom-fabricated corporate art solutions seamlessly extend Wondrium’s brand throughout the workplace and contribute to a memorable experience for all who enter.

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