sketchers graphics



Skechers, a globally recognized brand, has made its mark in the footwear industry with 3300+ retail stores in more than 170 countries. Working alongside Skechers for more than 7 years, Moss has been actively involved in enhancing its brand experience by providing a wide range of custom graphics including navigational, promotional, lifestyle, and banner graphics to create carefully-tailored branded environments for both retail and factory outlet stores.

At Moss, we understand the importance of custom graphics that meet the needs of our clients. By incorporating different materials such as fabric, magnetic, and styrene materials, we created brand graphics that not only uplifted the aesthetics of their retail environments but also effectively communicated the brand’s messaging.

We also developed a sophisticated client system that enabled us to ensure that each store received its customized retail graphics package, thus removing any chances of errors. By delivering high-quality brand graphics that aligned with its brand identity, Moss helped in creating a unique brand experience across all of its retail stores, captivating the attention of the customers.

Through our collaboration with Skechers, we were successful in delivering visually captivating branded environments with the help of custom graphics to meet the needs of their extensive retail network. With a keen eye for detail and commitment to quality, we were able to create a consistent and engaging brand experience for Skechers customers.


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