LM Productions‘ design for the Qatar National Pavilion at Milan EXPO 2015 showcased a central screen using 12 high-powered WUXGA video projectors blended around the screen in a 360-degree format, along with a special surround sound audio system, intelligent lighting, lasers, haze machines, high powered aroma machines and many other special effects.

The experience’s massive custom “screen” fabricated by Moss is very sculptural and akin to a tapered helix-twisted column with a wider “burst” of petals at the top. The screen stretches to 11.5 m tall, about 4 stories.

Inside the theater experience, the audience walks down 3 floors while viewing the show, which is 4 minutes long and utilizes amazing video mapping techniques to create an immersive experience for the guests. LM Productions produced the show this way to minimize any need for queuing, which is an EXPO requirement.

Photography: LM Productions, Moss

  • Moss Classic™ System


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