Gander Outdoors Retail Graphics and Signage

At Gander Outdoors, vibrant lifestyle images tell the story and illustrate the specialty retailer’s tagline We Live Outdoors. With more than 100 stores across 24 states, Gander Mountain is the nation’s largest specialty outdoor recreation retailer and focuses on shooting sports, camping, hunting, fishing, marine activities and more.

Nationwide, Moss provides Illuminedge™ Lightboxes and fabric graphics of large, various sizes for Gander Outdoors, including both bold action imagery and nature-inspired, highly-detailed background patterns. Six oversized specialty Illuminedge™ lightboxes, approx. 16 ft. long, are used per store to retrofit existing walls and fixtures. The store’s non-backlit graphics are mounted on thin 30mm Moss Groove™ frames. Photo-realistic wood-grain graphics used along the perimeter of the interior set the scene in stores that can range to 60,000 sq. ft.

Even at large size, the Moss Groove™ fabric graphics easily change out, by just pulling the fabric gasket edge out and mounting the new graphic. Additionally, Classic™ Round pillowcase tension fabric structures create large, fully-enclosed illuminated structures for space definition.


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