Award-winning FCA booth at CES, Moss Canopy


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.’s massive, immersive CES exhibit earned a “Best of CES” recognition by EXHIBITOR Magazine.

Dominating the design was the 88’L x 68’W x 13’H overhead rectangular canopy. At such impressive scale, the canopy demanded attention, serving as a brand billboard and dynamic canvas for bold projection.

The Challenge: create a canopy with the structural integrity to support a projection dome and house internal lighting, all rigged from theatrical truss. Additional design requirements included the use of a variety of printed sheer and opaque fabric panels with the capability to have projected images and internal glowing lighting.

The Solution: Most of the structure was built using Construct 120® with various specified fabrics: Moss BarrierTex (fully opaque), Moss StretchTex (Semi-opaque), and see-through Sheer Stretch. We also integrated internal bracing for mounting dimensional logos for the highly visible, heroic branding.

Customer: Creative Solutions Group


Products used


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