Fabricate a show-stopping retail experience

Corporation: Fanatics
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Project Designer: Dolan Design Group

When Fanatics approached us with a goal to develop a unique and customized retail storefront at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, we were thrilled! Our objective was to create a one-of-a-kind activation that resonated with visitors and represented the iconic Indianapolis Colts horseshoe emblem.

We partnered with Dolan Design Group to manufacture a 3D experience consisting of two 10ft tall lighted tension fabric horseshoe displays at the Fanatics storefront. Our metal and wood fabrication specialists made a replica of the iconic Indianapolis Colts logo, connecting each horseshoe to an internally lighted wooden base that is bright and colorful for high visibility.

This resulted in a retail experience that captured attention, generated more footfall, and increased their presence at Lucas Oil Stadium. With the combination of 3D design, mixed media production, and proper lighting, we were able to create the perfect retail environment for Fanatics!

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