We have partnered with Yadegar Asisi since 2005 to produce the largest panoramas in the world.  We developed the textile, art file management and installation approach alongside Asisi and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Scale is our challenge here—art file size, panel size, and install size, are all outside of a typical project. The oversized 360-degree print is the foundation of this immersive panorama that combines a musical score and theatrical lighting to create the ultimate panoramic experience.

The most recent installation in Rouen, France is entitled the Cathedral of Monet and is inspired by Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral Series (1892 – 1894).  Asisi stepped out of his traditional approach which is grounded in photography and digital compositing to create a next level, authentic artistic visual that was digitized and optimized for print production.  He sketched and painted in watercolor to fully develop the theme before finally setting the work of art in oil; compared to his other panorama works, there was no reconstruction photo session, instead architectural details seen in historic photos were used as inspiration for the final painted visual.

Once the art is digitized, our team calibrates for color, and slices the files into printed panels. We rent a large hall for panel matching and inspection, and then it’s a true team effort to assemble all the individual panels to become one big piece and to prepare the panorama for shipment. When it arrives at the install site the team employs a tensioning system to install and stretch the stunning circular canvas quickly.  Once installed Asisi sculpts the work with finishing touches and locks in the final lighting design.

This and other panoramas by Asisi take several years from the idea to the actual  production. This is the biggest modern work of art dedicated to Impressionism. More than 10 million people have viewed Asisi panoramas since the first installation in 2003.

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  • SIZE: 109M wide x 31M tall
  • AREA: 3379M2
  • CONSTRUCTION: 36 panels at 3M x 31M
  • ASSISI DIGITAL FILE: 16GB, single CMYK layer
  • MOSS PRINT FILES: 53GB / panel, 1.9TB total
  • CUTTING: 2500M of cutting around all panels
  • FINISHING: 1100M of seams between panels
  • WEIGHT: 800kg
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 6 weeks


Are you interested in learning more? We are happy to discuss any of the products used in this project or our complete range of fabrication capabilities.