Adidas NYC Flagship

Moss content designers, Tangram, and Adidas continue to partner on the lifestyle brand’s NYC flagship experiential décor changeouts, including the recent merchandising experience for Adidas’ ALPHAEDGE 4D – the first shoe with a 3D-printed midsole. For this launch we provided eMotion animated lightboxes, a custom-pattern Textured Panel ceiling element, and printed multi-layer sheer graphic panels – a blend that showcases the integration of materials, technology and technique that Moss prides itself on.

All of the graphics reference the clean, futuristic and rhythmic midsole texture of the new Adidas shoe described by the brand as crafted with data and grown from liquid. Our eMotion animated lightboxes for this changeout were placed in the store windows for a dynamic storefront. The flagship’s visual communication team has used eMotion lightboxes as tabletops, in windows, and as floor-angled treadmill props with scrolling messages.

The sheer printed Moss Groove SEG graphic panels are used in a colonnade-style path that leads shoppers into the heart of the ALPHAEDGE 4D experience. Our Textured Panel canopy then tops the immersive ALPHAEDGE 4D experience, which includes large video screens and subdued product merchandising pedestals and shelves. The experience is very futuristic and tinted green to match the aesthetic of the shoe’s lightly green midsole.

In the 45,000 sq. ft. Manhattan flagship, new animation concepts and graphics are continuously featured to keep the flagship experience fresh and support the brand’s targeted merchandising and brand-building. Moss has previously supplied oversized Illuminedge™ lightboxes as well as Installation Supervision to ensure the structure, graphics and digital content create a seamless experience for customers as with this most recent celebration of tech+performance with the ALPHAEDGE 4D launch.



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