Illuminedge™ Lightbox 150mm

Moss Radiance is a comprehensive line of spectacularly brilliant indoor fabric light boxes for trade shows, events, and retail stores. Combining proprietary lighting technologies and easy-to-install framing solutions, these sleek and bright Lightboxes are economical to operate, boldly display illuminated graphics and are ETL Listed and meet UL standards for safety.

Features & Benefits

The Moss Radiance Illuminedge™ 150mm Lightbox is the highest quality single sided perimeter module LED Lightbox available. Illuminedge Lightbox uses our patented Tension Lock™ corners for fast, strong frame assembly. No loose parts and small screws are required.

Fabric & Graphics

Super vivid, glare-free, and extra sharp Photo Fabric® graphics result in dramatic visual impact. Colors pop to life with Radiance rear illumination. Moss® offers 10ft seamless graphics for extra large light box solutions. Installation and graphic replacement is easy, minimizing installation costs. A clean, tensioned fit is ensured with our unique tension strip. The durable fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning. Compact and lightweight fabric graphics reduce shipping costs.


The Moss Illuminedge Lightbox comes with LED light modules pre-installed on the frame – simply connect the corners. The LED modules are an energy efficient lighting solution, only using 7 watts per square foot with a LED life expectancy of 50,000+ hours. Field maintenance is easy with replacement module strips. All lighting components are UL approved high voltage components. All Moss Radiance Lightboxes are ETL Listed for the U.S. and Canada and meet UL standards for safety.

Display Options

Add base plates for free standing light boxes. Base Plates are available in multiple sizes and configurations to stabilize & support any light box. Add Z-shaped cleats attached to the wall and hang the Moss Radiance light box on the cleats for an easy and quick installation.

This product is covered by one more of the following U.S. Patent Number(s): 8,956,071 as well as additional pending U.S. Patent(s) owned by Moss Holding Company.

Product Code:
Item # LBPM150
Purchase Type:
Purchase, Rental
Product Sizes:

Purchase and Rental Sizes:

Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension
120 in. (10ft) long 96 in. (8 ft.) high

Purchase Only Sizes:

Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension
custom length custom height
22 in. long 28 in. high
96 in. (8 ft.) long 96 in. (8 ft.) high
96 in. (8 ft.) long 144 in. (12 ft.) high
96 in. (8 ft.) long 120 in. (10 ft.) high
120 in. (10 ft.) long 144 in. (12 ft.) high
144 in. (12 ft.) long 96 in. (8 ft.) high
144 in. (12 ft.) long 120 in. (10 ft.) high

This 150mm Lightbox frame uses Moss exclusive LED modules to illuminate your Photo Fabric graphics from the perimeter of the Lightbox. Choose the Illuminedge 150mm Lightbox for large Lightboxes over 65 square feet.

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