Slim LED Lightbox

The LED Slim Light Box provides an ultra thin profile, convenient snap open frames, and the ability to attach to walls and a variety of extrusions. The edge lit acrylic is etched with a proprietary diffusion pattern to provide excellent brightness. All Moss Radiance Lightboxes are ETL Listed and meet UL standards for safety.

Highest Quality LEDs

Unlike many other products on the market, the LED Slim Light Box uses high quality LED’s that produce maximum LUX and minimal degradation over time. A 24”x36” Light Box typically produces an incredible LUX of 2400 to 2500, and even after running 24/7 for an entire year, it will still retain almost 90% of its brightness. Add the fact that the LED’s are designed to run 24/7 for a minimum of 50,000 hrs. (are likely to last up to 100,000), you know you are getting the best quality and most reliable product on the market.

All Moss Radiance Lightboxes are ETL Listed for the U.S. and Canada and meet UL standards for safety.

Proprietary Diffusion Patterns

The LED Slim Light Box is designed to provide an even glow throughout the entire panel. There is a delicate balance when designing the etching pattern so you don’t create hot or cold spots and you get good even color in the center. A truly effective diffusion pattern is spaced farther out at the edges (closest to the bulbs) and is tighter at the center where more surface area needs to get light. A true light diffusion pattern will not be “uniform”, but will be an irregular pattern calculated by algorithms that take into consideration the area of the panel, the distance between lamps, the thickness of the acrylic, and the wattage of the lamps. Most of these algorithms and techniques are patented.

Details Matter

Two commonly overlooked details that make a substantial difference in quality and usability are the power supply and cord length. LED lamps can be very sensitive to irregularities and variations found in voltage, so a good power supply must regulate voltage to a very tight tolerance. If the voltage varies too much, the life of the LED lamp can be severely diminished and/or in extreme cases can cause damage to the lamp. The LED Slim Light Box uses top of the line power supplies that are UL and CE compliant. Additionally, we understand that the power isn’t always right where you need it, that is why we equipped the power supply with a durable 16’ long power cord.

Product Code:
Item # LBS
Purchase Type:
Product Details:


LED Strip
Acrylic Panel (for diffusion)
Wall Mount Hook
Power Supply with 16 ft. cord


UV Direct Printed Trans Graphic. Viewable graphic area is approximately 2.5 in. less than frame size. Refer to graphic templates for art creation.

Mounting Options

Single Point Retailer or Slip Light Box Clamp

Product Sizes:

Purchase Only Sizes:

Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension Frame Color
18.9 in. long 24.9 in. high Silver
24.9 in. long 36.9 in. high Silver
36.9 in. long 48.9 in. high Silver

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