Graphic Door

The Graphic Door works across all Moss systems to provide a beautiful full-graphic entryway solution and superior visual experience when an SEG door is needed in your structure or wall.

With its bezel-free design and no visible hardware, the Graphic Door features edge-to-edge SEG fabric coverage to provide a continuous graphic look compared to other doors that have more visually obtrusive elements. A sturdy pivot hinge provides the door’s ingress/egress functionality.

With versatility in mind, the Graphic Door integrates easily with all Moss systems including EZ Fabric Wall System®, Construct® and Moss Groove™. The door and door surround feature welded construction, and precise welded construction resulting in solid integrity with a robust feel.

The handle’s lockable keyless entry means multiple people can have access without any small keys to track. The door itself (40mm depth) swings inward and sits flush with the front side of the doorframe (80mm depth). Both left-side and right-side handle location are available for the door front. The handle keypad itself is backlit and can be used for up to 10 code combinations.

The Graphic Door can also accept 3mm opaque rigid materials using hook-and-loop attachment.

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Purchase, Rental
Product Details:

Door surround size, including threshold: 39” x 93.5” (990.6mm x 2.38m)

Door opening size: 30.6” x 80.5” (778mm x 2.04m)

Weight, including handle/hardware: 56 lbs (25kg)

Door surround depth: 80mm

Door depth: 40mm

Attachment methods: joiner rail, cam locks, or custom mechanical connection

Welded construction

For use with EZ Fabric Wall System®, Construct® and Moss Groove™ systems

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