Tanduay Rum Environmental Roof Top graphic mural

Tanduay Rum Rooftop Graphic

For Philippines-based international brand Tanduay Rum, Moss created and printed custom art that fully adorns the 6th floor rooftop of the Asian distiller’s U.S. headquarters in San Francisco. Moss Creative Design digitally painted jungle flora and fauna and incorporated high-resolution Tanduay product photography and logos for a distinctly cheeky urban rooftop experience.

At a total length of 142’ and height of 147”, the Tanduay Rum mural graphics snake around the rooftop across multiple walls, precisely trimmed and installed to wrap architectural details including door frames. The durable long-term solution uses laminated printed PSA vinyl that Tanduay intends to change out up to three times per year. Moss completed the five-wall installation in a single day.

With a nod to Tanduay’s geographical heritage, the mural’s full complement of vibrant, digitally painted animal life includes water caribou, lemurs and other mammals, along with macaws and other colorful bird species in flight or interacting with Tanduay bottles. The branded event experience is an intersection of art, advertising and spirit that receives the gaze of San Francisco skyscraper workers every day.


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