Sleep Number Manhattan Store Front

Sleep Number Manhattan RETAIl LIGHTBOXES

In a competitive mattress market brimming with both traditional sea-of-uncovered-mattress outlets and digital natives creating physical stores, Sleep Number’s store experience is decidedly purposeful, engaging, and conducive to explorations that graduate into buying decisions.

For Sleep Number’s Flatiron District store in New York, Moss supplied both animated and static lightboxes of large scale to create subtle yet effective energy for the store experience.

A large 20-ft tall eMotion™ animated lightbox stands behind the headboard of a display bed, stretching up to a canopy for a crisp integrated look. The LED motion lighting gives a rhythmic undulation to vertical wave graphics, visually stimulating yet evocative of sleep waves.

An arch of 6 horizontal Illuminedge™ lightboxes creates an engaging focal point and sense of wonder, especially as one lays down or sits on a display bed beneath. The 6  lightboxes comprising the large arch are each sized at 84” x 40” and powdercoated in a pms-matched blue. These illuminated elements reinforce Sleep Number’s technological leadership, as does a towering printed graphic in the store’s Bedding Design Lab. This tall SEG (silicone edge graphic) frame with graphic holds a precision-integrated 4’ wide monitor.

The store features an interactive experience around the brand’s newly launched Sleep Number 360 smart bed, along with a digital map illustrating “how neighborhoods across New York are sleeping.”

Being inside a Sleep Number store has always been about an elevated, immersive experience. The feel, the furnishings, and the way information is communicated lead consumers on a journey toward gaining a new world of comfort.

  • Illuminedge™ Fabric Lightboxes
  • eMotion™ Animated Lightboxes
  • Moss Groove™





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