Designed by Sparks for Atricure, this trade show property literally elevates the brand, provides an innovative and engaging experience and has the ability to scale down to various footprints. With the fabric pattern and color-match solutions already dialed in, our client simply uses their customized ordering portal to obtain new graphics at will for any of the configurations.

Shown in its 20×40 version, the exhibit is designed to reconfigure into 20×30 and 20×20 versions. The L-shaped canopy and fins are crafted with 40mm and 80mm Moss Groove™ framing powder coated in matte white. Our patented Tension Locks™ deliver fast, easy set-up while the lightweight combination of aluminum framing and fabric provide efficiency and speed at any scale.

Above, the 22’ long header combines with two L-shaped canopies, one of them 14’ long and the other more than 19’ long. The full height of the structure is 20’ including the fin legs that rise 17’. The legs are convertible to 16′ height.

  • Moss Groove™ System




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