Award Winner – 2015 IFAI Award of Excellence, Interior Display

While fabric elements were used throughout this exhibit, two attention-getting features stood out above the rest: the bright red fabric ribbon that connected the two arches at each end of the 20 foot by 30 foot exhibit, and the 3D projection mapping screen integrated into the arch at the rear of the exhibit.

The red ribbon was built using Curv-Edge™ a new patent-pending extrusion that allows traditional Classic™ Round aluminum tubing to be mated with Groove™ SEG (silicone edge graphic) extrusion, resulting in a frame design that has a flowing organic shape and which also features hard edges for its four sides – a combination never available before in tension fabric design.

The ribbon starts at ground level at the entrance of the exhibit, then ascends through the front arch, undulating, extending and rising to 20 feet before it wends downward into the arch at the back of the exhibit. Trade show attendees familiar with tension fabric design were immediately drawn to this exhibit feature.

The two minute “Go Beyond” feature was shown on the multi-dimensional projection mapping screen in sequence with rotating content highlighting our new products announced at EXHIBITOR LIVE 2015. The projection mapping screen, reaching to a height of 16 feet and spanning the 20 foot width of the exhibit, was comprised of 15 rectangles protruding out at several varying depths to create more dramatic effect with the 3D projection mapping.

Imagery was precisely projected onto individual rectangles and also onto different clusters of rectangles, so that the content was crisply defined and worked to create an emotional narrative with stunning scenes and a bold soundtrack. The feature presented rich, eclectic images of earth, space, nature and the human experience.

Spanning the top of the booth’s entrance arch, the new LED-lattice WebBright™ color-changing lightbox cycled through a custom program of colors fading in and out for a dynamic yet subtle sophistication. The large perimeter-LED Illuminedge™ Curved Lightbox underneath the front arch wrapped around the end of a fabric conference room, showcasing an attractive bend radius through a horizontal curve and with a height of 8 feet.

The similar-sized vertically curved Illuminedge Lightbox at the rear of the booth mimicked the shape of the ribbon structure and featured curves on both of its vertical sides. This vertically curved lightbox also allowed for several sleek magnetic shelves to be used, positioned over the backlit fabric. While sturdy and able to support significant weight, the shelves seem to float, creating a merchandising solution that maximizes the backlit graphic and any items that are displayed on the shelves.

EZ Wall™ portable/modular frames and fabric graphics were used for the conference room, while printed rigid substrates in the booth included routed Sintra signage and clear plexi window panels and countertops. New Floating Shelves were showcased on the backlit side of the vertically curved Illuminedge™ Lightbox.




Are you interested in learning more? We are happy to discuss any of the products used in this project or our complete range of fabrication capabilities.