Inspire Brands

Gensler Atlanta and Hannan Construction looked to us for solutions and manufacturing design to create an approach that met budget requirements and design intent for Inspire Brands’ Global Support Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Inspire Brands is the fourth-largest restaurant company in the U.S.A. and the parent of Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, SONIC, Rusty Taco and Jimmy John’s.

The Center features test kitchens, fun and collaborative-spirited huddle spaces, engaging feature walls, and an executive boardroom with custom resin-cast door handles and a multi-floor hanging sculpture crafted from forks and spoons.

The hanging sculpture mimics the Inspire Brands logo of a crossed fork and spoon by mounting each of the forks and spoons separately and at exact distances and angles. After a series of samples and prototypes, we used a jewelry welder and jig to place the tiny welds on the backs of the utensils. The sculpture’s hardware solution was designed to provide mechanical integrity and a minimally intrusive aesthetic.

Another challenge was the critical desire to match the interior’s existing white-washed brick. The design team specified that we produce graphics that looked as much like the actual brick as possible.

After extensive research, we developed a paint technique using a solution made from actual pulverized stone to create a realistic texture. We experimented heavily to develop the right mix and technique to achieve the desired realism.

In another area, we executed a wall made from leather hides. The raw hides we received required a custom rivet-attachment method. Our expert sewers hand-cut the perimeters of the hides based on their natural shape. Holes for the rivets were pre-punched and our install team met with the designer onsite to finalize the exact placement for the leather panels.

By contributing expertise in materials, technology and technique, we helped Gensler and Hannan achieve an environment that Inspire Brands calls “innovative and invigorating.”


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