Slim Frame

Turn to Slim Frame in the Moss Essentials line when the emphasis is purely for storytelling graphics that are showcased in the slimmest of frames.

Minimal frame, maximum graphic impact

The Slim Frame creates a pure focus on your framed graphic, while providing superior change-out ease and quality for your permanent or semi-permanent framed wall graphic solutions. Moss Essentials fabric graphic display solutions infuse sleek design, sophisticated color and fast change-out capability for your wall graphics. Change out graphics for an entire environment in just minutes. Available frame styles each have a different aesthetic for the desired effect and frame thickness, while sharing Moss hallmarks for ease of assembly, high-quality finish and extreme value.

-Moss Groove™ SEG Graphics change out in seconds
-Available Silver Anodized finish
-Lightweight aluminum framing
-19mm frame thickness (depth)
-Quick, simple assembly
–90 degree steel corner brackets, just 2 fasteners per corner
-Frames are wall-mounted using small keyhole brackets; 1 mount for every 2’ of frame
-Precision finish with specialized miter cut equipment
-Custom powder coating available
-No liners or spanners required
-Frames can be permanently mounted directly to wall

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Product Details:

19mm thickness

Can be executed as a direct to wall install up to 120”x600” or a removeable wall frame with hanging hardware up to 96”x96”. Not recommended for sizes under 12 inches x 12 inches

2 fasteners per each 90-degree corner L-bracket

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