Hanging Applications

Never has there been such a quick and easy way to create decorative acoustical treatments. Our exclusive anodized aluminum extrusion framing systems and photo realistic dye sublimation printed textiles open up a whole new world of design possibilities and install in up to 70% less time than traditional fabric systems.

Manage Sound

Manage Sound while minimizing ceiling coverage


Use solid color fabrics or textures, or graphics to create the perfect look and feel


Custom and stock frames sizes are available

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Item # ECHB
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High performance fabrics combined with state of the art textile printing and over 35 years manufacturing experience allow us to offer first in class quality products. In addition, echoCon has multiple manufacturing locations making it possible to manage very large projects in very quick lead times.

Vertically hanging sound baffles help manage sound while minimizing ceiling coverage—perfect for working around lights, sprinklers and returns. Use solid colors or graphics to create the perfect look and feel for your environment. Baffles are available in both standard and custom sizes and can be designed to any custom shape when using eC Sound Soft core.

Product Sizes:

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Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension
36 in long 72 in. high
36 in long 96 in. high
48 in long 48 in. high
48 in long 72 in. high
48 in long 96 in. high
60 in long 120 in. high
72 in long 36 in. high
72 in long 48 in. high
96 in long 36 in. high
96 in long 48 in. high
120 in long 60 in. high

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