eMotion™ Animated Lightbox Solutions

eMotion™ is the unique combination of LED lighting, printed graphics & motion programming that dynamically connects people to brands. eMotion fuses technical media with stunning experiential graphic design.

Engaging Experiences
Patent-pending eMotion™ uniquely combines LEDs, printed graphics and motion programming to create a dynamic high-impact canvas for branded environments. The result is an eye-catching animated graphical experience that using motion and lighting where you want them. Moss includes specialized installation and creative design services in this flexible premium solution. Developed to connect people to brands by fusing technical media with the allure of experiential graphic design, this is the emotion-driving experience that brand consumers are increasingly after in a brand relationship.

Ultimate Customization
Write with light to develop the ultimate stimulating brand experience based on dynamics of your custom-printed fabric graphic & custom-programmed lighting effects. Elicit different responses with the variety of different available effects: speed, flashing, and unique light patterns precisely seen through your fabric graphic. You’re able to in a sense “project” light without worrying about where a projector and projector stand would be and if projection shadowing would harm a viewing experience.

Project Versatility
Use in freestanding or wall-mounted applications; custom hanging applications can be engineered to suit your needs. Proprietary LED technology is lightweight, energy efficient and quick to install by our specialty installers. Collaborate with Moss to change your animation program and/or fabric graphic as often as you wish.

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Product Details:

Compact in footprint, eMotion™ framing is just 100 mm thick

Minimum recommended size is 27.25 in. x 27.25 in.; optimal frame sizes will follow increments of 12.625 in. order to maximize animated light area

Can be scaled to create seamless grand format architectural interior displays

Can be hung with animated graphic parallel to floor; in such ceiling or hanging flat panel installations, one dimension of the solution must be less than 8 ft. 

All high voltage components UL-certified

Available with 45-degree or custom miters

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