Crescent Room

The Crescent Room is a modular tension fabric huddle space perfect for small-group privacy. This functional room is ideal for conferences and trade shows where more intimate appointments or breakout rooms are needed. You can nest several Crescent Rooms adjacent to each other to maximize space for a high volume of meetings, or sponsorship activations.

The Crescent Room comfortably fits several people along with seating and furnishings. With ample internal surface area, you can include a monitor for collaboration and communication purposes.

The sliding fabric door uses a track system for easy setup and effortless operation, while the door’s pull handle is simply a piece of exposed extrusion. The sizable opening allows easy access for furniture.

The Crescent Room’s clean design is self-standing with no need for baseplates. Fabric cover seams are only located on vertical corners.

For a custom solution, all fabric surfaces including the door can be printed, but note there is NO critical art alignment between the door and the perimeter structure.

Product Code:
Purchase Type:
Product Details:
  • Door Opening: 51” w x 84” h (1.3m w x 2.13m h)
  • Frame Weight: 80lbs (36kg)
  • Fabric Weight: 35lbs (16kg)
  • Colors: White
  • Cover: StretchTex interior/exterior with seams only on vertical corners
  • Cover zippers located along top edge
  • Self-standing design; no baseplates
  • Frame Construction: 1.5” Moss Classic round tube
  • Estimated assembly time: 3 hours for team of 2
  • Tools required: 11/32” wrench/socket, 5/32” hex wrench, #2 Phillips screwdriver, stepladder

Product Sizes:
  • 192” w x 166” d x 96” h (4.88m w x 4.22m d x 2.44m h)

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