Job Title:

Installation Supervisor

Employment Type:

Exempt, Full-Time


Final Review

Reports To:

Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement

Member of the Final Review Team


Moss Headquarters

Last Updated:


Works Closely With:

Production Supervisors, Customer Success Managers, Project Managers, Install Crew, Install & Dismantle Company representatives, Sales, Technical Design, Plant Managers, End Users/Customers.


This role has no direct reports however is expected to manage across departments with the authority and responsibility of a senior.

Prepared By:

Sarah Browning, EVP & COO


The Installation Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the installation of complex projects. He/she is responsible for on-site installing and troubleshooting of Moss product. Graphic Installation experience with a complete understanding of graphic types, extrusions and infield installations required. Knowledge of lightboxes and LEDs required. Ability to travel locally, nationally, and internationally on short notice. This position requires exceptional organizational, leadership, written and verbal communication skills, and great attention to detail. When not on-site, they work as part of the Final Review Team supervise the final assembly, QC, and disassembly of the project in-plant and the packing of the product.


Installation Supervision Responsibilities:

• Manage the set up and dismantle of Moss products through service contractors, helping them to control costs and meet targets/budgets.

• Positively influence the cost of electrical work, rigging work, material handling, and overall Installation and dismantle.

• Be creative and immediate in problem solving with confidence and quality execution.

• Represent Moss in a positive, skilled and professional manner at all times.

• Behave and dress with integrity, good judgement, and professionalism.

• Travel savvy and able to book travel for self and manage the expense reporting accurately and timely on every project.

• Travel to show site to supervise and perform installation and dismantle services.

• Be a team player that works well with others while always representing the Moss standard of excellence.

• Work with sub-contractors and clients ensuring the work is done right the first time.

• Understand and resolve all on-site issues.

• Provide project updates and photos in a timely accurate manner.

• Manage and report expenses within budget and in a timely manner.

• Perform supervisory role of leading staff both union and non-union venues.

• Perform good will / warranty reduction trips to key clients and key shows.

Production Supervision Responsibilities:

• Provide feedback to Production Managers, Quality Manager and others to improve the Moss product and services based on show floor experiences.

• Possess a full and detailed understanding of the products you are working with to make sound decisions that are on time and on budget.

• Attend and/or facilitate launch meetings/reviews with PM’s, production and sub-contractors to provide critical direction on best practices that impact the success of the project as needed.

• Confirm all labeling and packaging instructions are correct to ensure proper infield execution as needed.

• Supervise final assembly/disassembly and packaging in plant as needed.

• Perform hands-on quality control in plant for final quality and scope inspection as needed.

• Make key decisions and problem solve– using critical thinking skills.

• Facilitate a project review meeting as needed after the project is complete to institutionalize lessons learned as needed.


Education and Experience:

• Minimum of 4 years graphic production, project management, and installation experience. Advanced knowledge of hand tools and hardware. Detailed understanding of Moss products.

• Understand the various unions and show venue jurisdictions and be able to lead and perform within many situations.

• Understand the unique customer needs and expectations across served markets including: Trade Show, Corporate Event, Corporate Environments, Stage Event, Retail Brands in-store, and others.

• Understand the shipping procedures at trade shows and events and manage the execution of freight in and out of the shows with various carriers.

• Exceptional organizational skills are required. Proven experience excelling in fast-paced, high demand, high end quality production and install environments.

Communication and Language Skills:

Speak and write clearly in English. Communicate professionally with Moss customers, vendors, end users and Moss staff. Build confidence in clients through organized and on budget completion of work and ability to calmly problem solve in high pressure situations.

Computer Skills:

Ability to work quickly and effectively in Outlook email and calendar programs, use Excel for expense reports and Word for project documentation. Willing and able to easily learn new software programs.

Mathematical Skills:

Able to read scale blueprints, technical prints and architectural plans and lead installation and dismantle of complex exhibits is required. General math skills are required, including reading a tape measure, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and basic geometry, and use of scale ruler. Ability to accurately record and log time onsite using time logging tools.

Physical Demands:

Ability to travel with multiple tool kits weighting approx. 90 lbs. Ability to sit, stand walk, climb ladders at heights for extended periods. Able to independently travel domestically and internationally on short notice by air, car, train and bus.

Safety Responsibilities:

Understanding of all Moss, OSHA, and site safety guidelines. Wear PPE when required. Use of standard safety practices is a top priority. Ability to drive aerial lift equipment safely and accurately.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

This position does not have any direct reports; however, supervision of outside labor is often required. Additionally, the opportunity for coaching other Moss employees often arises and this position is expected to be a role model employee for employees.

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