Wave Tunnel

Item # WT

The Wave Tunnel combines an aluminum tube frame with tension fabric to create a lovely architectural accent to your space. Tunnels can be clipped together to create long expanses. This original design can be used as a tall wall, room divider or stage set element or as an entryway.

Nest Multiple Tunnels

Nest multiple tunnels to create a segmented effect.

Fast & Simple

This product uses our Classic Round framing construction making it easy to assemble with four people in 60 minutes.

Cover Options

Powerful branding opportunity with its broad, attention-getting surfaces. Choose from Moss Stock or Custom fabric unprinted or with Photo Fabric® Printed Graphics.

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Rental and Purchase Sizes

Horizontal DimensionVertical DimensionThird DimensionWeight
216 in. long (18 ft.) 95 in. to 132 in. high (7 ft. 11 in. to 11 ft.) 180 in. deep (15 ft.) 50 lb.

Included in Rental Product

White Fabric Cover
Aluminum Frame
Carrying Bag
Set Up Kit (includes FR Certificate, Assembly Instructions, Gloves, Hex Wrench, Cleaning Kit, and Drop Cloth)