Rotation Motor

Item # A-MOTOR

Give your rental a whirl by adding a Rotation Motor! Rotation Motors rotate three-dimensional hanging signs. Use with a cable harness for hanging signs or a cross member for mounted signs.


Put your Moss Shape in motion. Rotate your three-dimensional sign using a turntable motor mounted below or a motor with cable harness hanging above. Moss Motors are compact and lightweight, weighing only 6 to 12 lbs. each. Moss Motors, tested by Underwriters Lab (UL specification 303G), are efficient, drawing just 0.4 amps. Moss Motors have an automatic clutch to prevent overload. Moss offers motors in two speeds: 1 RPM and 2 RPM. Typically, larger signs use 1 RPM motors, while smaller signs use 2 RPM motors. Other speeds are available upon request. Rotate your lit, hanging sign. Moss Motors can be used with hanging signs up to 16 ft. that are equipped with light packages that use 15 amps or less (1,725 watts @ 115V).

Rental and Purchase Sizes

200 lb capacity
100 lb capacity