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Maximize high-volume activities in this private multi-meeting space, that also offers tower-height branding and separate enclosed storage.

20x30 Exclusive Meeting Hub

Maximize flow-thru with this private multi-meeting space, perfect for order processing or other high-volume activity. The fully-enclosed space offers 2-story branding along with separate enclosed storage and plenty of options for mounting accessories.

COMPONENTS SHOWN* (for purchased solution)

(39) 39” EZ Walls - Full Walls locked - (welded frames are an option)
(2) 32.5” EZ Walls - Short-width Walls locked (welded frames are an option)
(6) 19.5” EZ Walls - Half Walls locked (welded frames are an option)
(1) 39” x 14” EZ Wall Header Panel
(18) 93.5” Connector Columns
(3) 93.5” Low Profile Accessory Columns
(1) Door, left swing-in (collapsed to fit in box, or in one way shipper fully intact)
(2) Joiner Rails
(16) Wall Stacking Connectors
(24) Gussets

Available Options

• Multi-wall printed fabric or Printed Hardwall Graphics
• Rolling Hard Cases (locked) or EZ Wall Crate (Welded)
• Accessories (for monitors, shelving, slat, slot, and grid walls)
• Hidden Monitor
• Lightbox - All sizes on EZ Wall, custom sizes, stem lights - Halogen/LED
• Counters (Entasi, Pop Up Counter, Extrusion Podium, Lightbar, or Custom)