Light Style Clip

Use these Moss Clips for mounting & connecting panels, walls, and more. Moss clips are designed to work seamlessly with Moss Classic Round products – your account team can help you choose the right clip for your attachment needs. This is a multi-use stand-off clip for attaching Classic Round structures to a surface. The stand-off portion of clips are threaded with a 5/16” -18 TPI hole and can accept bolt from other structures, or substrate surfaces.

Maximum Versatility

Moss clips attach our fabric structures to walls, floors or even to each other. Standard clip sizes correspond to Moss standard frame sizes to work seamlessly with Moss framework.

Standard and Custom Options

Most clips are available in either white or black. Custom clips are available.

Stocked Inventory

Many clip styles are in stock at Moss and can be shipped to you quickly. Ask your Account Team about availability when you place your order.

Product Code:
Item # 3200422
Purchase Type:
Purchase, Rental
Product Details:

Common Usage

Attachment surface (base of clip) is perpendicular to panel orientation. Some variance in connection angle will work (curved panels, depending on Radii).
Great for attaching canopy to vertical walls (Stand-off dist. varies per size). Also to attach vertical panels to base structures.
Can also be used to attach headers to walls below.

Sometimes used as stand-offs that connect to internal spreaders, to provide stand-off to attach external elements such as Sintra, Lexan (plexi) foam, dimensional lettering. Permanent Holes required in fabric at pre-determined locations if used for this purpose).
Due to multiple attachment options, Moss does not provide hardware for attaching to other structures, unless requested by customer in advance.
Thru-hole with 9/16 in. Counter bore provided. Recommended for use with 5/16 in. -18 tpi hardware.

Product Sizes:

Rental and Purchase Sizes:

Size Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension Third Dimension
1.25 in. 2.25 in dia.. 2.43 in. high 1.25 in. clearance
1.5 in. 2.5 in dia.. 2.65 in. high 1.25 in. clearance
2 in. 3 in dia.. 3.5 in. high 1.625 in. clearance

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