Edge Lit Lightbox

Edge Lit LED is the thinnest Radiance lightbox solution and offers excellent overall light uniformity. Edge Lit light box signs are ideal for long term use or where a thin light box is needed. All Moss Radiance Lightboxes are ETL Listed and meet UL standards for safety.

Features & Benefits

This wall mount lightbox product has a depth of 33mm and is custom built to your size needs up to 4 ft. x 10 ft. maximum size. The Edge Lit lightbox ships whole, no assembly required, just installation of graphics which use our Moss Groove fabric system resulting in bezel free framing for edge-to-edge graphics. Double sided lightboxes are achieved by welding two extrusions back to back.

Fabric & Graphics

Super vivid, glare-free, and extra sharp Photo Fabric® graphics result in dramatic visual impact. Colors pop to life with Radiance rear illumination. Moss® offers 10ft seamless graphics. Installation and graphic replacement is easy, minimizing installation costs. A clean, tensioned fit is ensured with our unique tension strip. The durable fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning. Compact and lightweight fabric graphics reduce shipping costs.


EdgeLit Lightboxes provide the most energy efficient & lowest cost to operate, using only 4 watts per square foot. The LED diode life expectancy is 50,000+ hours and LED Edge Lit panel boasts a 2 year warranty. This product has an external power supply. The EdgeLit Lightbox is comprised of all UL approved high voltage components. All Moss Radiance Lightboxes are ETL Listed for the U.S. and Canada and meet UL standards for safety.

Display Options

Use the Edge Lit LED Lightbox for wall mounted applications. Add Z-shaped cleats attached to the wall and hang the Moss Radiance light box on the cleats for an easy and quick installation.

Product Code:
Item # LBEL
Purchase Type:
Product Sizes:
Horizontal Dimension Vertical Dimension
22 in. long (1 ft. 10 in.) 28 in. high (2 ft. 4 in.)
24 in. long (2 ft.) 36 in. high (3 ft.)
32 in. long (2 ft. 8 in.) 40 in. high (3 ft. 4 in.)

Depth: 33mm

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