Environmental Graphics, Retail Signage, SEG Lightboxes and Tension Fabric Structures

Curv-Edge™ Twist Tower

The Curv-Edge™ Twist Tower creates upward dynamic movement and a sense of the monumental. Available for rent in three sizes, use them individually, as a group, or in concert with other Moss rental shapes, panels and bars/tables. Lighting is not included; Twist Towers can be externally or internally lit.

Crisp lines and curves working together

Featuring the shape-making magic of our proprietary Curv-Edge technology, these Twist Towers are visually engaging and monumental. From walkways and lobbies, to stage sets and step-and-repeats, Curv-Edge Twist Towers present a sense of arrival and excitement.

Versatility around the ‘Curv’!

Create focal-point messaging with individually-printed panels and use Curv-Edge Twist Towers grouped together or with other appealing Moss rental shapes. Towers are available in 3 rental heights up to 12′. Curv-Edge brings the best of both worlds, combining enclosed 3D shapes with the ease & efficiency of individually replaceable Moss Groove™ SEG panels.

Product Code:
Item # CEET
Purchase Type:
Product Sizes:

Rental and Purchase Sizes:

SizeHorizontal DimensionVertical DimensionThird Dimension
8 ft.36\" base width96\"64\" at widest point
10 ft.36\" base width120\"76\" at widest point
12 ft.36\" base width144\"83\" at widest point

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