Virtual Volunteers Program

Thank you for opening your heart. Your help is invaluable!

Please refer your friends to join our cause.
Alona Choen
Has been volunteering with us for six years

Heartwarming Stories of Seniors

“Thanks to Omer, my telefriend buddy, I’m no longer feeling alone. At first, I was very sceptical about the program and the buddy they matched me with, but we soon found out about our similar interest in sports, which made us bond very naturally. I don’t have a family, and with everything going on these days with the pandemic, I can’t leave home. These past few months have been challenging for me, but Omer made me laugh again, and I find myself waiting for our talks.” 

Fred Robinson

“Alona started volunteering about five months ago. She calls me regularly twice a week in the evenings. Alona is a very good girl, and I feel like she is my daughter. After my husband passed away, and my only son went to live abroad, I felt very lonely. Now, I can no longer take walks outside my house and speak with my neighbors because of the pandemic. Alona’s calls makes me happy, and I look forward to our talks. I hope she enjoys talking to me as much as I do with her.” 

Gretchen Nash

” Thank you, Be-Good, for this wonderful initiative. Two kids are calling me regularly to check how I’m feeling. They taught me how to make a video call too, so now I can see their faces. They are very nice young men. They have taken the time to get to know me and want to listen to my war stories, which no one around me wants to listen to anymore. This past year has been awful. I have many health issues, and, sometimes, I’m very depressed. These boys make me smile. I wish them the best.”

Ronald Martin

“For weeks, Jhon was calling me to talk, and I hung up on him. I told him to stop calling me because I didn’t want to be a charity case or have anyone’s pity. Thankfully, he didn’t give up, and he kept calling me. After a while, I noticed that I was waiting for his calls, so, I stopped arguing with him and telling him to stop calling. We are now good friends who talk on the phone about food, the weather, sport, and politics. We have even made plans to meet and watch football together when it’s safe again.”

Russell Sanders

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