Environmental Graphics, Retail Signage, SEG Lightboxes and Tension Fabric Structures

Square Column

These towers utilize Moss’ revolutionary Moss Groove™ framing system. Add a purchased Photo Fabric® graphic cover for a fast and affordable rental option.Whether used for wayfinding or simply to command attention, the Square Column is fantastic!

Set up

20 – 45 minutes, depending on size 1 – 2 people, depending on size


White Fabric Cover Aluminum Frame Carrying Bag Set Up Kit (includes FR Certificate, Assembly Instructions, Gloves, Repair Tape, and Drop Cloth)


40 mm Moss Groove Extrusion Visible corners: 40 mm (36 in. Towers) or 80 mm (48 in. Towers) Fabric covers 4 sides

This product is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Number(s): 8,240,072; as well as additional pending U.S. Patent(s) owned by Moss Holding Company.

Product Code:
Item # COLMG
Purchase Type:
Purchase, Rental
Product Sizes:

Rental and Purchase Sizes:

Horizontal DimensionVertical DimensionThird Dimension
36 in. wide (3 ft.)96 in. high (8 ft.)18 in. deep (1.5 ft.)

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