Environmental Graphics, Retail Signage, SEG Lightboxes and Tension Fabric Structures


Moss’s geometric shapes built of tensioned fabric are designed to be mixed, matched, and stacked to create interesting display elements and innovative designs for event, exhibits, environment and experiences.

Stackable & Angular

The Pillar is an upright, tall cylindrical tower. This is a freestanding geometric structure with spandex fabric on an aluminum frame and available in a variety of colors and textures. Use alone, in groups or in combination with other product as an architectural accent or as décor for stage sets, space perimeters, entryways, exhibit booths and conferences.

Fast & Simple

This product uses our Classic Round framing construction making it easy to assemble.

Cover Options

This product uses our fully enclosed fabric construction and zips closed at the bottom. Choose from Moss Stock or Custom fabric unprinted or with Photo Fabric® Printed Graphics.

Add Lighting

Access zippers at the base allow room to add lighting.

Product Code:
Item # PIL
Purchase Type:
Purchase, Rental
Product Details:

Rental Product Includes

Fabric Cover, Aluminum Frame, Carrying Bag, Set Up Kit (includes FR Certificate, Assembly Instructions, Gloves, Hex Wrench, Cleaning Kit, and Drop Cloth).


Set-up will take approximately 20 minutes with 1 person.

Product Sizes:

Rental and Purchase Sizes:

Horizontal DimensionVertical Dimension
24 in. dia. (2 ft.)96 in. high (8 ft.)
36 in. dia. (3 ft.)120 in. high (10 ft.)

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