Environmental Graphics, Retail Signage, SEG Lightboxes and Tension Fabric Structures


The Fountain is a funnel-shaped structure suspended from six points at the top and a single-point bottom. With white fabric ideal for creative lighting and projection, this very popular structure brightens spaces and definitely commands – and succeeds in getting – focused attention. The Fountain is big and bold, perfect for convention centers, large halls or ballrooms. Use the Fountain to create a landmark, entryway, atrium sculpture, décor element, or centerpiece for any event or exhibit.

Fabric Graphics

Choose from Moss Stock or Custom fabric unprinted or with Photo Fabric® Printed Graphics.

Product Code:
Item # TOL
Purchase Type:
Purchase, Rental
Product Sizes:

Purchase and Rental Sizes:

Horizontal DimensionVertical Dimension
240 in. dia. (20 ft.)180 in. high (15 ft.)

Purchase Only Sizes:

Horizontal DimensionVertical Dimension
720 in. dia. (60 ft.)480 in. high (40 ft.)

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