Environmental Graphics, Retail Signage, SEG Lightboxes and Tension Fabric Structures

Dimensional Letter Solutions

From plexi and sign foam to wood and foamboard, we have experience working with a multitude of materials for single-material or custom layered dimensional letters. With in-house capabilities including routing, carpentry, painting, creative services and prototyping, Moss solutions suit any brand experience need.

Permanent or Temporary installation
Mixed media material approach
White, transparent color, and ink layering options
Color-matched edge painting


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Attachment Methods: Foam Tape Pin Mount Standoff Freestanding Size Limitations: Fastest lead times will be for letters that are 1.5” thick or less unless the material is plexi which is fastest when 0.5” thick or less Contact us for recommendations if you are using an intricate font and need confirmation of copy height, or fabrication restrictions. Materials: Gator Board Plexi PVC Board MDF Foam Treatments: Painted Printed Laminate Applied vinyl or film Engraving

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