Square Sign, Moss Groove

Item # SQMG

Create sharp signage with clean lines.  These Square Sign utilize Moss Grooves proprietary hidden corner extrusion to make the edges crisp. They are great directional markers for crowded spaces or show hall floors. The Moss Square Sign provides an exceptional surface for dramatic projection lighting.

Fabric & Graphics

Designed to be easily installed into the frame using our Moss Groove system, Moss prints our wrinkle-resistant, durable fabric graphics using a large format ink jet dye-sublimation process.

Moss Groove System Frames

Moss® builds its strong, lightweight frames from anodized aluminum extrusion. Frame lengths are designed for overnight shipping and connect with our patented Tension Lock™ assembly.

Cover Options

Choose from Moss Stock or Custom fabric unprinted or with Photo Fabric® Printed Graphics.

Fast & Simple Set Up

This product uses our Moss Groove framing construction making it easy to assemble with 2 people in 30 minutes, depending on size.

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Fabric Cover, Aluminum Frame, Carrying Bag, Set Up Kit (includes FR Certificate, Assembly Instructions, Gloves, Hex Wrench, Cleaning Kit, and Drop Cloth).


Rotation Motor