EZ Wall Left Swing Door

Item # 4008099

Add a door to your design for hidden, but accessible storage, or to create a private meeting room. For added security, this door is lockable. The handle is placed on the right side of the door when opening the door inward.

Door Options

Wall with lockable door and threshold. When facing door and opening door inward, handle is on left side and hinge is on right side.

Graphic Options

Door comes with 1/8 in. white hard panels. Additionally available are printed Photo Fabric® graphics with an SEG gasket or 1/8 in. UV Direct Print on Rigid hard panels.

Replacement Parts

Additional Door Handles and keys are available upon request.

This product is covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Number(s): 8,015,736; 8,196,326; as well as additional pending U.S. Patent(s) owned by Moss Holding Company.

Purchase Only Sizes

Horizontal DimensionVertical DimensionWeight
39 in. W (3 ft., 3 in.) 93 in. H (7 ft., 9 in.) 64.5 lbs.

Door cannot be placed adjacent to accessory or corner columns without special hardware.

Door comes with 1/8 in. white hard panels
Door graphics: available in printed Photo Fabric® or 1/8 in. UV Direct Print graphics