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Gain large-scale uninterrupted branding in an inline space, along with a door-accessible storage area. The open floor plan is ideal for a central demo or sample area.

10x20 High Circulation Plan

This solution for a 10x20 space provides graphical area for large-scale uninterrupted branding along with door-access storage space. The open floor plan is ideal for a central demo or sample area conducive to visitors approaching from 3 sides of the exhibit space.

Components Shown (for purchased solution)

(8) 39” EZ Walls - locked - (welded frames are an option)
(1) Door (collapsed to fit in box, or in one way shipper fully intact)
(2) Joiner Rails (to connect door to columns)
(1) 93.5” Endcap
(3) 93.5” Smooth Corner Columns
(1) 93.5” Four way Connector Column
(3) Baseplates
(8) 39” x 93” Blackout X liners (Sound and light liners are an option)
(7) 39” x 93” Custom Printed PhotoFabric SEG fabrics
(1) 33” x 88” Custom Printed Door Graphic
*Needs 4 corrugated boxes for shipping

Available Options

• Multi-wall printed fabric or Printed Hardwall Graphics
• Rolling Hard Cases (locked) or EZ Wall Crate (Welded)
• Accessories (for monitors, shelving, slat, slot, and grid walls)
• Hidden Monitor
• Lightbox - All sizes on EZ Wall, custom sizes, stem lights - Halogen/LED
• Counters (Entasi, Pop Up Counter, Extrusion Podium, Lightbar, or Cust