EZ Fabric Wall® Illuminedge™ Lightbox

Item # EZIL

Illuminedge™ Lightbox for EZ Fabric Walls utilizes Moss’ frame-integrated Illuminedge™ LED modules, creating internally-lit fabric walls—simply plug in.


Brilliantly highlight entrances, corner sections and wall patterns throughout an exhibit. LED modules illuminate Moss Photo Fabric® graphics with a visually impressive glow.


Energy efficient green solution, using just 3.7 watts per square foot. LED life expectancy of 50,000+ hours. Easy field maintenance with replacement module strips. UL approved high voltage components. 2 year warranty on LED modules.

Fabric & Graphics

The EZ Fabric Wall System™ is designed for use with Moss Photo Fabric® graphics - the highest quality printed graphics on fabric in the industry. Graphics attach to the EZ Fabric extrusion using the simple Moss Groove gasket attachment.

This product is covered by one more of the following U.S. Patent Number(s): 8,196,326, 8,956,071 as well as additional pending U.S. Patent(s) owned by Moss Holding Company.

Rental and Purchase Sizes

Horizontal DimensionVertical DimensionWeight
19.5 in. wide (1 ft. 7.5 in.) 93 in. high (7.75 ft.) 19.4 lbs.
39 in. wide (3.25 ft.) 46.5 in. high (3.87 ft.) 14.5 lbs
39 in. wide (3.25 ft.) 93 in. high (7.75 ft.) 24.4 lbs.


  • EZ Wall- Bright Blue (FR66)
  • EZ Wall- Atomic Red (FR66)
  • EZ Wall- Charcoal (FR66)
  • EZ Wall- Grey (FR66)
  • EZ Wall- Artic Grey (FR66)
  • EZ Wall- Kelly Green (FR66)
  • EZ Wall- Black Moss Knit
  • EZ Wall- White Moss Knit
  • EZ Wall- Black Moss Knit w/liner
  • EZ Wall- White Moss Knit w/liner
  • EZ Wall- Printed Moss Knit
  • EZ Wall- Printed Moss Knit w/liner
  • EZ Wall- Printed BaseTex
  • EZ Wall- Printed BaseTex w/liner
  • EZ Wall- White BaseTex
  • EZ Wall- White BaseTex w/liner
  • EZ Wall- Printed BarrierTex
  • EZ Wall- White BarrierTex