Curved Panel, Self-Standing

Item # CPS

Create distinct signage with a Moss Curved Panel. This standing version includes oval baseplates. These curved panels utilize either of our revolutionary systems - the Moss Groove™ framing system or Classic Round™ system.

Fabric & Graphics

Designed to be easily pulled on to the frame and zipped closed, Moss prints our wrinkle-resistant, durable fabric graphics using a large format ink jet dye-sublimation process.

System Frames

Moss® builds its frames using strong, lightweight aluminum. Frame lengths are designed for overnight shipping and easy assembly whether you choose either Moss Groove™ or Moss Classic Round™ framing. Moss Groove’s perfectly patterned fabric graphics slide into the silicone edge graphic (SEG) extrusion groove for a clean and evenly tensioned fit that minimizes visible framework. Classic Round's anodized tubing system uses a simple pillowcase application where fabric graphics are pulled over the frame & zippered closed for even tension. Classic Round sections are shock-corded for fast assembly. With either system, graphic change-out is fast and simple.

Cover Options

Choose from Moss Stock or Custom fabric unprinted or with Photo Fabric® Printed Graphics.

Fast & Simple Set Up

This product uses our Classic Round framing construction making it easy to assemble with 2 people in 20 minutes depending on size.

Classic Round System Frames

Moss® builds its strong, lightweight frames from anodized aluminum tubing. Frame lengths are designed for overnight shipping and connect with shock cording for easy assembly.

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Rental and Purchase Sizes

Horizontal DimensionVertical DimensionThird DimensionWeightBox WeightSizeFourth Dimension
96 in. long (8 ft.) 96 in. high (8 ft.) 96 in. radius (8 ft.) 50 lbs. 134 lbs.
120 in. long (10 ft.) 96 in. high (8 ft.) 120 in. radius (10 ft.) 128 lbs. 134 lbs. Moss Groove 120x96 40mm Extrusion Size
120 in. long (10 ft.) 96 in. high (8 ft.) 120 in. radius (10 ft.) 120x96
240 in. long (20 ft.) 96 in. high (8 ft.) 240 in. radius (20 ft.) 95 lbs. 134 lbs.


Fabric Cover, Aluminum Frame, Carrying Bag, Base Plates, Set Up Kit (includes FR Certificate, Assembly Instructions, Gloves, Hex Wrench, Cleaning Kit, and Drop Cloth).