Construct™ 120 & 80 Structures

Item # CON120

Nothing Sacrificed | Everything Gained
Construct System is a bold, sleek platform for creating curves, long spans and maximized space with ease & low cost of ownership. Available for large custom structures and with standard Rental Post & Beam elements, Construct is the ultimate in attractive, cost-effective exhibitry. This is Construct - unlike anything.

Design Outdoors!

Construct 120™ is now available for custom outdoor structures. All outdoor structures are certified by a structural engineer.

Non-linear designs

Moss employs a unique manufacturing process and specialized equipment to bend the Construct® framing systems to execute non-linear designs and angled corners. Construct™ 120 & 80 are significantly stronger than system groove locks and snap frames for fabricating large scale tension fabric structures.

Smooth Finish - minus the groove

Because cladding extrusion is only added where it is needed, the rest of the surfaces are left smooth, eliminating the need to hide unused system grooves.

Light + Nimble

Building 20’, 30' and 40' spans without vertical support unleashes creativity, maximizes space utilization and minimizes material requirements. Less drayage and faster installation mean more budget for designing the ideal exhibit. Cost savings at future shows are rapidly realized.

Height Without Hangpoints

Eliminate costly rigging labor and potential delays while highlighting your company with impactful branding. The Construct System is ideal for showcasing branding with 10’ high seamless graphics and no need for rigging.

Efficient, Exclusive Pull-Tite™ Locks

Patented Pull-Tite locks deliver amazingly fast, secure and simple frame assembly. The best part: no small, loose parts.

Built-in Brilliance

plug-and-play Illuminedge LED lightbox technology is integrated to impressively backlight fabric panels. Available integrated lighting solutions also include the LED Color Wash Wall, dynamic and programmable with 4,000+ colors. Each eye-catching lighting solution features plug-and-play efficiency and pre-run hidden wiring that saves on site electrical costs.

Advanced Design

Several design differentiators immediately set the Construct System apart. Along with its ability to span great distances without support, it is the fastest-installing channel-less extrusion with modern, clean and elegant lines. It is also the largest bendable extrusion available, creating organic curves resulting in a sleek, artfully attractive booth with superior functionality.

Rental and Purchase Sizes

SizeHorizontal DimensionVertical Dimension
120 mm square custom lengths; several rental beams 2.5' - 18.9' custom lengths; several rental posts 6' - 10'
80 mm square custom lengths; several rental beams 2.7' - 18.9' custom lengths; several rental posts 4' - 10'

Frame - 120mm, Square, Smooth aluminum extrusion

  • All surfaces are smooth - no system groove
  • Strong frame for long spans - up to 20ft with a single beam and 40ft trussed beam before needing vertical support
  • Design with Angles and curves
  • 185 inch minimum radius on bends
  • Add powder-coating for a smooth, clean finish
Moss's patent pending Pull-Tite™ locking mechanism uses a variety of technologies to deliver strength, safety, and assembly speed

Cladding Extrusions
Fabric graphics or hard panels are added to Construct 120™ by permanently attaching a Moss cladding extrusion. Cladding extrusions can be added to any surface of the Construct 120™ frame for different finish effects.

S Shaped Extrusion - Cladding added to the frame using the S extrusion allows the entire frame to be exposed, like a picture frame.

F Shaped Extrusion - Cladding the exterior of the frame with F-shape extrusion can completely hide the frame.    

Hidden Corner Extrusion
 - Cladding added to the frame using the hidden corner extrusion allows cladding on two adjacent surfaces to hide the corner of the frame         


    • Use a standard cordless power tool with 5/16in hex bit to lock connection for fast assembly

    Packaging & Shipping

    • Standard packaging for ground shipping maximizes the lengths between frame breaks and packs into a custom wooden crate.
    • Expedited packaging for air freight shipment breaks down smaller and packs into cardboard boxes.

This product is covered by one or more pending U.S. Patent(s) owned by Moss Holding Company.