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The Adaptaframe from the Moss Essentials line offers two ways to display your framed fabric graphics - front-mount the graphic while leaving sides of the frame exposed for a more traditional artistic look, or wrap the frame, creating more immersive depth by mounting graphic into the 4 side grooves where back of frame meets the wall.

Versatility for sleek aesthetics

The Adaptaframe offers unrivaled versatility, superior change-out ease, and quality for permanent or semi-permanent framed wall graphic solutions. Moss Essentials fabric graphic display solutions infuse sleek design, sophisticated color and fast change-out capability for your wall graphics. Change out graphics for an entire environment in just minutes. Available frame styles each have a different aesthetic for the desired effect and frame thickness, while sharing Moss hallmarks for ease of assembly, high-quality finish and extreme value.

-Moss Groove™ Graphics change out in seconds

-Available in Dark Bronze Anodized & Silver Anodized finishes

-Lightweight aluminum framing

-6’ x 6’ maximum frame size; no minimum size

-40mm frame thickness (depth)

-Quick, simple assembly - 90 degree steel corner brackets, just 2 fasteners per corner

-Frames are wall-mounted using small keyhole brackets; 1 mount for every 2’ of frame

-Precision finish with specialized miter cut equipment

-Custom powder coating available

-No liners or spanners required

-Frames can be permanently mounted directly to wall

40mm thickness

6' x 6' maximum size

2 fasteners per each 90-degree corner L-bracket