01 Jun 16

Inspiration: Designing for Holiday 2016

Inspiration: Designing for Holiday 2016

Whether your customer is happily peering through the window, rosy cheeks and all, or walking through a pop-up holiday wonderland, Moss has the materials, capabilities and savvy to help you impress with a unique branded holiday experience. 

Our creative team has put together some ideas to help your holiday strategy come alive! Moss is uniquely positioned to help creatively design and deliver a fully blown holiday display, from window graphic applications to myriad props, all efficiently crafted in house.

Immerse your products in a textural experience. Lightweight, flexible shapes and forms are as tailored as the fashions they support. 

This luxurious Art Deco window shows off a brand statement against sculptural layers of metallic shapes and form.   

Jewelry and accessories are the focal point in these sculptural product stands. The graphic print supplies a supportive texture behind the displays. Dimensional illuminated lettering adds a bold touch. 

A lightweight aluminum Construct 120® structure (15'W x 5'D x 12'H shown here) is the perfect home for pictures-with-Santa operations; custom print the trio of fabric walls to create any setting. The tension fabric fireplace houses a glowing laser-cut plexi fire. Large dimensional letters announce the scene, attached to the structure. Snow drifts are fabric panels that self-stand, placed as needed. "Reindeer Barn" depicted at right is 10'x10'.   

Create more grand experiences with custom printed large fabric columns and blocks, including Moss Columns & Monoliths. Space depicted here is 40'W x 25'D x 20'H. Hanging elements are lightweight tension fabric, including a dimensional Circle Sign with illuminated bottom and spiral of Curv-Edge™ twisted columns that hang below.    


Ready for holiday wonder?  Call us today or email Moss Creative Design Services to help create your holiday story. 

Drawing concepts and materials are the property of Moss Holding Inc. copyright 2016 and should not be reproduced in whole or in part without authorization by Moss Holding Inc.